I don't disagree. But I do know

Gary Smyth
what my end result will be and I am trying to find a way to get there. I understand that for the best possible result from a DSLR lab work cannot be excluded as their fuzzy logic programs can not only fill in the holes, but smooth and correct the final product to the limits of their hardware capability -- which is substantial and well out of my price range. I also understand that like any expensive hobby equipment counts but the results only partly depend on the equipment. The suggestions and comments here over the last several days have been very helpful. Some of what was written I am aware of, other thoughts have allowed me to tweak my thoughts for the weeding. I understand that for daily work my desire for a 16 x 20 may have to be reduced to the digital equivalent 11 x 14 or even 8 x 10 for me to be completely satisfied technically but the envelope gets pushed every month. I'd rather be sure of what is out there and why I select what I purchase. Much better that than to start out with something that I choose based on what was good in the past and/or emotion.

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