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Gary Smyth
and it (sort of) comes true. “Digital Photography” PC How To Guide. Digital Photography Buyer’s Guide #78. Haven’t read beyond the magazine stand yet, but here is a quick summary.

550+ camera models in a excel style spreadsheet identifying: manufacturer, model, pixels, maximum image resolution, HD capable, movie modes, audio capability, optical viewfinder, LCD size, zoom -- optical and digital, removable storage, ISO equivalent, aperture, shutter speed, 35mm lens equivalent, editing software, unique features, dimensions, weight, list price, and some other info scattered about.

Pricey at $14.95 for a magazine. Found it in a grocery store.

Also talks about what is new in digital photography. Longer reviews of 22 of the better SLR digital cameras. 160+ photo printer spec grid. A small camcorder guide.

On the stands until January 8, 2012. I don’t know what happens after that date -- new one perhaps?

This does not tell me all I want to know, but it sure can eliminate most of the chaff. Thanks for the earlier help. Maybe this info will help others with their holiday considerations

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