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John Lucas
Gary I'm no expert on digital. I do shoot it every day mostly with the D700 and D2. I'm like you, I shot with 4x5 and printed with Cibachrome to get the highest quality I could.
so far I have not found digital cameras that even begin to match that. I do have a friend who made a custom rig to move his camera so that he can shoot a scene and divide it into many exposures. this multiplies the megapixels by anywhere from 6 to 20 x what the camera can do. His prints are excellent but it takes many hours on the computer to do that.
The only other thing I've seen that comes close is the Phase one Back on the Hassleblad. Of course that costs more than any car I've ever owned.
I'm saying this because if prints are your final need I think you will be dissappointed. I'm happy with my new camera but then all I use it for are images on the computer and images for my articles in magazines. None of them equal 16x20 prints from 4x5.

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