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Gary Smyth
OK. Let me throw this out. I’m a stickler for grain (in film) and tone separation and I’ve lugged a bellows 4 x 5 with tripod and film carriers to places I wouldn’t carry a 35mm these days, to reduce the possibility of grain showing. That said I still do the equivalent of 16 x 20’s on a regular basis – much of it macro. I have a lab for the stuff that I used to get paid for, but for my own stuff it’s way, way too expensive to pay for the manipulation done by the lab. So my search is for a camera that can deliver. The D700 is also the max I’m willing to pay. I want most of the work done in the camera. I’m not much with top quality photo software as it is expensive and the learning curve high. I’m still on the hunt for the reference I started this thread with, but with the expertise here maybe your suggestions here will get me to where I want to go. If I’m barking up the wrong tree give me your opinion as I sometimes block legit alternatives by sticking with my own methodology.

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