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John Lucas
Gary I'm a long time Nikon user and since we changed from Canon to Nikon at work about 15 years ago I get to use some nice high end equipment. To be able to get acceptable use out of your manual Nikons you need to go with the D300, D700 or D2,D3 etc. Many of the other cameras will not give you meter readings with those lenses or may not even let you take a photo. I tried out a Fuji camera that has Nikon lens mounts and could not use any of my older lenses period. Even though they would fit on the camera. I finally gave up and sold them all since I don't even remotely have the money for the higher end Nikons that will use those lenses.
I am really happy with the D700 that I use every day at work. The full frame sensor means you have a really good bright viewfinder which is fantastic for manual focusing. Any of the smaller sensor cameras are hard to focus in manual even with 2.8 lenses.
You can find an awful lot of comparisons at and

All that being said I just bought a D5100 for my personal camera. It took some getting used to but I really like the image quality. There is so much more to consider than just megapixels. Apparently how they program how the camera uses those megapixels is more important than the actual number.
Once you narrow it down to a few cameras do a search for reviews of that particular camera. You'll get a lot of opinions of course but it may help evaluate one against another.

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