Re: Digital camera in $200 range

Chuck Bjorgen
Finally settled on the Canon PowerShot SX230 that fell right on my stated price range. I'll have to confess that I had a brief conversation with my wife, asking her if she'd ever thought about this. She mentioned her frustration in not being able to locate film for her Canon EOS Rebel. That was never a problem because I always had a supply before I retired.

During my flurry of research I learned that you need to buy the memory card separately unless you get a bundled deal. I ordered a 16 Gb card. Reading customer reviews on this camera, battery life was a point of criticism. It has a gps locater built in that can be turned off to save battery life. Additional batteries can be bought on eBay very reasonably.

I bought my first Nikons way back in 1961 and have shot with that brand ever since so I was surprised that reviews of the Nikon CoolPix line was criticized for its image quality. But I also found that literally all brands in my price range had some faults as well as good points. In the end I think my wife will like her Canon.

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