Not counting the "useless" 50mms.

Gary Smyth
I have six Nikkors (24mm to 300mm) around several bodies and at least one motor drive that still works. At that time I was heavy into it and had 24 hr. access to a good University Lab B&W darkroom. These are 1970's lenses and none are auto focus (can you believe it, I once thought it was "cheating" to get the shot that way -- duh!) All are the old bayonet mount. I rarely worry about automation, as I set controls manually. I was kinda hoping Nikon would come out with a digital that would allow me to use what I have and just use the old optics (with real glass) and not plastic. Apparently they have done that but the megapixel numbers are only so, so.

Truth is what I see out there with other brands with 3mm close up macro and optical zoom rates up to 36x has given me pause. Forty years with the Nikons is a good run. But similar to old reliable tool brands that don't seem to be as valuable as they once were, it may be time to swing toward convenience and better technology and not the older "premium" brands.

What I need to start is magapixels, and lots of them for 1st generation blow up capability. 12 megapixel is on the low end of my requirements. The D700 is now on the list as my baseline. I may have to do this the "hard" way and build my own go, no go, grid.

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