Re: Meant no harm. I understand.


hah? oh... dont worry.. i just never know how to tell someone something cause i dont want to treat someone like a baby, but i can't talk metering and ratios cause most people wont have a clue..

had a very interesting day today... had a storm come through few days ago and my parents had a hackberry tree come down, grabbed the neighbors electrical wire, pulled it down onto the fence, which electrified the fence..
so the firedepartment came and the city came and shut off the power at the neighbors, which happen to be my brother, his wife and their kid and grandkids...

and yesterday my brother called and asked if i wanted the wood... cause he was cutting it up right now... i asked him to wait, but he cut anyway.. so i spent most of the afternoon in 105 degree weather cutting logs up and painting the ends with parafin...dont know fi the wax ever cooled... the blocks melted on the driveway... had to do it today cause some of the logs were already cracking and splitting... but we'll see...

and tomorrow i get to go to swat...

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