Gary Smyth
After spending a couple of years playing with old digital low end stuff it’s that time of my life for a camera search. I’m looking for a single 2011/12 reference for the selection of a still camera. I don’t need camera reviews -- yet. What I want is a listing of specifications identifying camera manufacturers, models, mega pixels, size of pixels, mirror, no mirror, connectors, street prices, and perhaps most important to me, OPTICAL zoom range and minimum macro distance. After I get it down to three or four selections based on specs I’ll look to reviews. I’ve been on the internet for the better part of two days and what I found is mostly useless because manufacturer pages don’t compare themselves with other cameras and thus, no apples to apples comparisons. Surely someone as done a Excel style listing for cameras.

Let me pass on that I have been a Nikon owner since the early 70’s and I am still a member of NPS so old style lenses are not a problem even if I have to (oh no) resort back to film. As to budget, it is going to be a trade off of features vs. existing equipment vs. cost. I will do that afterI find out what is out there. I'm perfectly aware how photography has drastically evolved since the equipment I bought as (near) top of the line has caused non-digital to diminish in value.

Now is the time to cut the cord clean. That is why I want all cameras. This will likely be my last camera purchase so I want to know what is out there – even if a point and shoot turns in the best technical performance for the work I want to do. Any of you out there run across an annual digital camera summary online, in a book store or magazine shop?

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