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John Lucas
Darrin Are you shooting in RAW. I can shoot all day and get exposures all over the place and correct them in RAW. I do try to nail the exposures but when I have to shoot fast which often happens where I work due to the nature of the job.
I take a quick shot, glance at the monitor and then make an adjustment on the +/_ setting on the flash making sure I don't have burn out highlights. Then I just go on shooting. It's rare I can't make an excellent image when I get to light room or Photoshop. Usually I can adjust the flash close enough to need very little or no exposure correction in photoshop.
If you overexpose then you have a problem. If I have enough time I glance at the Histogram real quick to make sure my exposure is somewhere in the middle and not blown out on either end.
I haven't used a flash meter now in many years other than to balance lights in the studio when I'm doing copy work. I simply set up the light take a quick shot and look and see what needs to be done. Most of the time I have to make very minor adjustments in photoshop.
I do find that I have to make an adjustment factor when using the flash meter. I don't know why but 100ISO on the flashmeter doesn't match the camera. I shoot a gray card and then check the histogram until the spike is dead center. Then compare that reading to the flashmeter. As I said I only use the flashmeter now to balance lights and then rely on the camera monitor and histogram to make sure I have a good image.

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