Re: Darrin- I need to know what type of....

darrin hill
peanut flash? why would i use them?

minolta auto flashmeter IV ..

nikon sb 800..

vivitar 285

vivitar 283

white lightning 1800

quantum turbo flash

many many other forms of professional lighting..

yes.. i know some of them do not have ttl,.. but i do not use ttl,... EVERYTHING is always fully on manual..

but the flash is not what i am talking about.. has nothing to do with anything...

i'm talking about ambient metering... dont know how flashes even came into the conversation...

I'm saying that if im running around taking photos of a wedding, I am getting slightly different exposures because i do not remeter... thus what is good at one location is not good at another... since the exposure of digital has as much tolerance as slide film, the exposure needs to be within 1/3 of an fstop to be accurate. I;ve just used a hasselblad and a sinar 8x10 for too long. I guess i'm lazy, but one of the things i dislike about digital is that most of my friends who are photographers will stop several times in a session, hand their subject a grey card, white balance card, balancing reflector, etc...

I think this shows several things..

1. you're wasting your clients time.
2. the client will believe you dont know what your doing if you have to fix the exposure every 5 minutes..
3. FILM does not need to be white balanced..

and no chimping is allowed... chimping is when a photographer takes an image and stops everything and looks at the back of the camera and makes sounds like... ook.. eek... (sounds chimps make.. thus chimping). When i used to teach, i would put duct tape on the back of everyones camera for the whole class..
If you have to look at every image to make sure you are doing it right, then you're doing it wrong..

I know that my flashmeter is far more accurate than any metering system inside a camera.

for 20 years i used light meters... EVERYTHING was metered... then i had to get a digital camera about 2 years ago and i got away from using a light meter... I want to start using it exclusivly.. but it does not match the correct exposure of my camera.. thus one needs to be calibrated to the other... i just want to know should i take the cover off the back of the meter and reset the exposure (done it many times) or should i go into the software of the camera and reset it to the meter?

oh.. i do not whitebalance either.. dont even know how... nor do i want to..

k... I'm grumpy.. Being trapped in a hotel room for 3 days with 4 month old twins, being forced to watch nascar stuff at inlaws, having inlaws come to your hotel room for hours to watch the aggie game, and watching the dallas game all afternoon thursday.. and driving too and fro for 4 hours with before mentioned twins who like to scream in tag team style will make anyone grumpy.. ( i'm not a sports fan... football makes my brain congeal.. )

i'm home and gonna shoot a wedding in the rain tomorrow.. maybe sunday we can play...

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