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Ellis Walentine
avalon, if you create a profile for yourself, you will be able to upload images directly from your computer as long as they are under 100Kb. If you ever forget the limits, just click on the little blue question mark next to the "Upload embedded file:" box. we could decide to change them sometime, too, so 100Kb isn't written in stone. I'll announce any changes on the board for sure.

If you want to continue to visit here without a profile, your only option for uploading is to paste the URL of images on the internet, such as in Photobucket or one of the other systems, or on your own website. Remember that the URL must be to a JPG or GIF or PNG file. A common problem experienced by folks using third-party photo storage sites is that usually those sites display the photo on a web page, not as a separate photo URL. Our "Optional Image URL" box will not accept HTML or PHP or other file extensions, so you need to find the actual address of your photo on that page. You can do this by right-clicking the image you want to upload and selecting "Properties", then copying the URL of the image location and using that as your Image URL here on WC.

Photobucket has a sharing option that is even easier. Here's the drill:
1. Go to the Photobucket picture you want to post,.
2. Mouse over the picture and select Share > Post to website
3. In the "Share this Photo" dialog, click the "Get link code" dialog
4. Under "IMG for bulletin boards & forums," right-click anywhere in the first yellow box and select "Copy"
5. Go to the WoodCentral message form and right click your message text where you want the photo to appear, then click "Paste"
6. Click the "Preview" button at the bottom of the message form and see if the image appears.

I do suggest that you register a profile, though. It's safe and we never spam you or let robots harvest your e-mail address. The messageboards are still conceivably subject to robots, but we've actually had very little trouble, as our scripts have hidden security measures built in. To be 100% sure, you have the option of not typing anything into the e-mail box when you post.


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