I'll be here to help also *PIC*

john lucas
I've been a shooting photos most of my life and have been working as a University photographer since 1987. As a University photographer we have to shoot a little bit of everything so I've had to develop a lot of skills. Up until a few years ago I ran a full service photo lab here also. Now of course it's all digital.
Over the years when I got more involved in woodturning I ended up shooting for a lot of artists. I still shoot art work of some sort about 3 days a week.
Over the last 6 or 8 years I've been trying to develop very easy inexpensive ways for people to shoot their own art work. I'm now redoing my lectures to include the new CFL lights. I'm going to work on a video any day now. I had to buy a wireless mike so I can walk around the equipment while doing the video and it came in today so at least now I have all the equipment and lighting I need to do the video. It's just a matter now of finding the time.
Here is a typical example of what I shoot a lot of days. This is called Bean Chair by Craig Nutt

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I'll be here to help also *PIC*
some more samples of what I do *PIC*
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