Re: Canon EOS D5 Mark II

Ned Bulken
I used to work for the Costar Group, which does commercial real estate research (tenant, owner info etc... gathered and researched for the CRE industry). I was one of their field researchers, and my job was to go out and take high quality images for their database. About 2 years ago, they updated all of their field research photographers' cameras from Sony point and shoots to D5 Mark II's. I spent two years shooting a minimum of 50 to 250 + images per working day on the Mark II. It is a solid workhorse camera, with a finicky autofocus system which I had a love/hate relationship with. When the sky was clear and no precipitation was falling (which was when I 'ought to' have been shooting) It worked well. If there was even a hint of rain/snow/fog, it would give up and I'd be stuck without images until a clear(er) day for shooting rolled around. Living in central NY at the time, that forced me to play 'catch up' a LOT with my images.
I enjoyed using it, but when it came time to buy my own camera, I went with a Nikon instead. Just my .o2c.

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