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Stuart Johnson
Darrin, I have read each of your posts in detail to the point of studying. So yes your posts are being read. You need to remember most of us are using digital cameras and regardless of Jamie's crusade probably still have the shrink wrap on the manual. The information you are passing on is very detailed and as such doesn't require much additional explanation. As a result there more than likely won't be many comments beyond the occasional "well said". It's too bad the list no longer shows the number of people viewing posts. I think you would be surprised as the number viewing yours.

I think you'll have a bigger response once you have completed your shop so you can start posting pictures of your actual camera and lighting set up. Also, remember most here will be more inclined to use something like Jamie Donaldson's Phrugal Tent than something requiring a $500 light meter and a $2,000 set of lights.

Jamie, John and others have been trying for years to educate us on the need for quality in our photos. If you could see the average photo from 5 - 10 years ago and now I think you would see they have had more than a little success. You have now added your voice so keep up the posts and thank you for the time spent.

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