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Craig Daymon
The Woodturning Store sells Axminster chucks. They are reasonably priced and very well made. Also, they are stainless steel, so no rust worries. Plus you can get O'Donnell jaws for them, which you will see many Brit turners using. (Vicmarc may sell a similar jaw set for their chucks.)

An SK80 is a very good, solid smaller chuck at a reasonable price. (Sadly, Lee Valley use to sell Axminster chucks as well, but stopped about a year back.) The SK100 is bigger/beefier. They are threaded, no adapter necessary. They also have a really big and beefy Evolution chuck. Also a good option.

Though the corners of the jaws are not rounded (not sure anyone rounds off the edges of the jaw sets, the ends of the slides are rounded, so a few less nicked knuckles.

Obviously, I highly recommend them. (Prices do seem to have increased, but I guess that's true for everything right now.) There may be a few odds and ends leftover...jaw sets(?) at Lee Valley.

Best bargain chuck if your budget is tight is to watch Woodcraft or Rockler for a sale on the smaller Nova chucks. They often come with a varied set of jaws.

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