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David Walser
Tom -- There are a number of top-quality 4-jaw scroll chuck brands readily available in the US. Of these, my personal favorite is Vicmarc. Vicmarc makes a wide range of chucks, with a wide selection of jaws. The chucks and jaws are available from a number of retailers. The chucks are very well made, accurate, and extremely durable. They also sell at a premium. They may not be expensive, but they ain't cheap, either!

Having said that, my recommendation to you is to look at the Record Power line of chucks. They are a clone of the Nova line of chucks, with a slightly better fit and finish. The jaws from Nova fit the Record Power chucks and vice versa. This gives you a wide selection of jaws to choose from. The chucks are well made and are accurate. I assume that they are durable. I've just not owned mine long enough to speak from personal experience.

As I said, I slightly prefer Vicmarc chucks to my Record Power chucks. But, I have two (it might be three) Record Power SC4 chucks that I got on sale from Craft Supplies USA. I'm very happy with them.

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