and the answer is...

GaryG in MD
Per Jamie's comment, lacquer might work, but I don't think it would give quite this much definition (contrast) for the ambrosia, and I suspect the base wood would be a tad darker -- I haven't tested side by side, so I could be wrong. I'll compare "on the next one".

What I did was based on a memory from years ago when John Lucas (I think) painted red dye on box elder so when the red wood color faded it would still be red. So here I hand painted the ambrosia (only) with my homemade "woodturners finish" diluted 4:1 with mineral spirits -- so it's mostly spirits with a just a tad of tung oil and varnish. Then I just Ren Waxed the whole thing. The light wood is wax only.

It did not take very long, and I think it was worth the effort. It glows.

Yes, I know it's not "protected", but it's for display only.

And now you know the rest of the story...

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