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Pete in Holland MI
Previous basement shop of 30 years had a $15 battery operated smoke detector. Never had an issue with dust in the air. Only when the saw or drill was burning wood, or using my branding iron. Could definitely hear it upstairs.

If your shop is external to the house, a $15 smoke detector is still a good idea, because they smell smoke faster than your nose, and most fires happen soon after the spark/friction occurred. Just get in the practice that if did anything that MIGHT be the catalyst for a fire, wait around for a while before you retire for the day. True though, if you can't hear it inside the house, it won't do ya any good after you leave.

Currently building my basement shop in the new house, and have a detector tied with the whole house in the room. Gonna make the wife happy when the whole house goes off because of a dull drill bit !

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