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Craig Daymon
If you size the opening just right, you could call it a, "Monkey Trap". Though unless your planning to sell them at zoos, not much of a market for them here in the U.S.

Wonder if would work on the greedy? Throw a bundle of cash in a vessel with a narrow neck and the greedy will want to grab it all in one pull, getting stuck just like the monkeys in countries where the traps are used.

Sure, in theory humans should be able to reason past it, but would make an entertaining video to create, having Wall Streeters coming out to find the vessel and running around with the vessel stuck on their hand because they refuse to let go of the cash, briefcase in the other.

But more seriously, I think I have a turning book by John Hunnex where he shows how he turns about 4 or 5 different styles of objects and includes a selection of images of ones he has created. One of which is the form you describe. I forget exactly how he refers to it off hand. (And, "Monkey Trap", is probably not the best name.)

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