what's in a name?

GaryG in MD
Ok, let's have some fun here...
The topic is nomenclature.

The subject is a vessel, not as tall as its diameter, with an opening in the top that is roughly one-third the full diameter (possibly about the same size as the foot). This is a lovely form -- I've just done a couple.
But what do I call them?

If you are thinking in terms of transitioning from a hollow form with a small opening toward a bowl form, it could be called an "open form", because it is more open than the smaller hollow form opening.
If you are thinking in terms of coming from a bowl toward a hollow form, it could be called a "closed form".

There is no right and no wrong, but I think it would be nice to have consistent, accepted terminology for nomenclature to aid discussions and recognition and understanding.

What do you call them, and why?

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