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George Balock
I want to give a shout out to McMaster Carr customer service.

I moved recently and was doing a household DIY project. It turned out that my sets of Allen wrenches were missing the size I needed, so I decided to replace them.

I went to my trusty McMaster Carr app and changed the addresses there to my new address, or so I thought. I placed my order and when I got the text that the package had been delivered I went to the front porch, but no package.

A closer look at the confirmation email, showed that I had not completely changed all of the addresses. I called their customer service center and the rep, Rob, told me that this was not an uncommon issue and that he would reorder the wrenches for me, delivered to the correct address and get the mis-addressed package back.

What great service! I received the new wrenches today, less than 24 hours after talking to Rob, and completed the project. I’ve ordered a fair amount of stuff from there in the past and this level of service will insure me doing it in the future.

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