Thanks, John

GaryG in MD
I appreciate you thoughts, and your example of another nice piece of oaks with something other than straight grain. :-) That's a nice bowl -- a good shape and a very interesting and effective rim treatment -- I'll have to remember that one. My rims have become a bit boring and unimaginative.

I'm happy to have increased your maker vocabulary. ;-) Needless to say, these things are "big" in the pottery/ceramics world. I recommend you check out the work of Akira Satake. He's in Asheville. His website will blow your mind. Another fun one you can find on Etsy is from Pottery Park by Paul Fryman and Mikhail Tovstous. They're in Ukraine. I have to admit I bought one of the latter's "Discovery cups". It made it in good shape -- they're good packers.

I used the term "burl" a bit casually because of the swirly grain pattern in the bottom (and in other pieces of this branch). I roughed most of that branch into a set of small cylinders 15 years ago (except for a piece I'll have to show next), and I was much less well-versed about lots of things then than I am now, but I don't recall an obvious large mass -- it was just a branch with non-linear grain patterns (and spalting because I left it laying on the ground for a while, in ignorance or bliss, take your pick). Maybe it was stress induced -- I can't recall seeing classic stress-induced curl patterns in oak like the ones we see in things like maple.

Well, enough for tonight... Onward... ...GG

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