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Most wood turners have had this happen at least once in their lives depending on if they are quick learners. I am surprised that the manufacturers have not incorporated a vibration switch into the controls of the lathe to automatically shut it down when the lathe begins to dance across the floor. Most of the cooling tower gear boxes across the country use a simple switching device as a safety interlock to shut a motor off if the blades, gear box and drive shafts go out of balance. The device uses a small metal ball bearing that rides on top of a small shaft with a hollow cup holding the ball, when the equipment vibrates above a specified value the ball bearing falls out of the cup landing on a set of contacts interrupting the control wiring powering the motor. They also make some cheap small electrical component vibration switches that use a spring mounted inside a metal tube, when the spring begins to move from vibration it contacts the surface of the inside of the metal tube and makes the contact for the safety interlock circuit.

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