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Heat problem? ()

Bill Blasic
I got one of the new 14" lathes from Teknatool and their breakin said to run it at the highest speed for 30 minutes which I did. You could not touch the headstock for more than 2 seconds without getting burned. They sent a new head and the same thing. I even ran my other 7 lathes at their highest speeds for 30 minutes and not one of them was even warm and that includes my DVR running at 5000 rpm. Now that was with no load. I pointed out that all my lathes had bearings on each side of the headstock yet this new lathe has two bearings on the right side of the head about 2" apart and no bearing on the left side. This can handle about 14" wood now what do you think is going to happen over time with these bearings under load. I asked that if there was no plan to fix this that I would like my money back and since I stated that I no longer heard from them. It is really a nice lathe other than what I feel is a problem with the bearings.

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