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Reed Gray
I may have had one of the first of the blades that Mike retipped. The first cutter he put on was a long spear point, which was too pointy. The next was a square one that was at a 45 degree angle rather than square, and it worked okay. I did have some blades that I wore down to the last of the hardened metal, and they would cut the same kerf as the width of the blade, so I had to make a double cut to open up the kerf enough for chips to eject.

I never liked the spear point. That was a Mike Mahoney innovation. He does like to 'fishtail' as he cores, which means he wiggles it back and forth for a wider kerf. I prefer a straight in plunge without the fishtailing, and if I have to open up the kerf, I come back up to the top and start another cut. With the fishtailing, I figured that the sides of the kerf were rougher, and the chips would clog more. Not sure how valid that is, but it seemed that way to me.

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