O rings

Doug Dubowski
Does anyone have any experience using O rings as a means of holding two pieces together? The pieces will form a turning that can be held in the hand, about 3 inches in diameter and about 3 1/2 inches high. I am looking at one piece inserted into another, but the inner piece has to rotate 90 to 180 degrees relative to the outer piece (haven't decided on the final angle yet). I do not want to use threads because I do not want the pieces to move apart from another. The smaller inner piece will have base the same diameter as the outer piece, with a grooved spigot that will hold the O-ring with a mating face on the outer piece. In terms of lubricant, I was thinking something like plumber's grease (silicon-based lubricant). Over time, the O-ring might get chewed up a bit, but I do not think it will get a lot of use. In any case the o-ring can be easily replaced in due course.
Any thoughts appreciated.

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