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To test the switch, #1 un-plug the power going to the lathe, a multi-meter or ohm-meter is used to measure the continuity or resistance across the contacts of the switch. The meter usually has two leads, red and black, switch the meter to resistance or continuity mode, place one of the meter probes on one side of the switch wire ends or screw terminal connections on the switch place the other probe on the opposite side of the switch screw terminal or wire ends, the meter will give a tone or deflect the meter needle or provide a digital value depending on the meter you have. If the meter does not deflect or provide a value in the continuity or resistance mode the contact is open/bad. You will need to turn the switch off and on to verify which mode the switch is in when testing. In the on position you should get continuity or a resistance value across the contacts. Some switches you can clean the contacts with an electrical contact cleaner, the contacts usually become pitted and covered with carbon from the arcing of the contacts each time you turn the switch off and on. Most production machines these days use a poor quality switch, the industrial machines usually use a switch that has replaceable contacts. These days you should always have a spare switch on hand for the machines that are typically sold into the market, If you look at the switch and identify the manufacture and model number, you can usually find them on Amazon or eBay and purchase them direct for several dollars. Buying from the OEM you usually pay double, triple or more for the same item.

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