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Mike Stafford
Wow, that is fascinating! At 7/8 of an ounce or 24 grams that is 6 grams heavier than the 18 gram limit imposed on the team I worked with during 1992-1994.

I also note that the rules on glued wood thicknesses did not apply when your team competed probably because of the nature of your problem. Our team could not glue 1/8" sticks to other 1/8" sticks without at least 1/16" of spacer wood in between and nowhere could a joint exceed 1/8" in width i.e. wood could not exceed 1/8" in width when glued to another piece of wood.

After retiring as a coach (the kids didn't want to do it anymore) I became the state problem captain. Never judged at world but was invited one year but couldn't make it because of a broken leg.

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