Hot melt can be your friend .....

Raymond in Trenton NJ
Hi Jamie,

I use hot melt for holding ornament globes to waste blocks. I agree with David and think that would work fine for these small bowls. The 'all purpose' worked, but I noticed gaps when separating. Never had a globe come off, but they are (relatively) small and light. I bought some high strength sticks and they hold more securely with no separating gaps.

This tenacity does make them a bit more work to separate, but a putty knife still works, just a bit more wiggling and turning. I separate them while still on the spindle. You could also hit it (slightly/carefully) with a heat gun to soften it, but I've never tried that. I am concerned with the softened glue may being more of a problem (smearing).

The higher strength sticks require a higher temp gun. I had to get another one (dual range), and it was a whopping $8. Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or your local flavor crafts store will have them.

who personally thinks peeling off of hot melt can be very therapeutic. Sorta like way back in grade school when I painted my desk with rubber cement and then 'rolled it' all off.

This was usually done just prior to the invitation to detention.

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