CA is not a long term adhesive *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It should be realized of all the possible adhesives used to glue wood this adhesive is the only one known to not remain strong over time. I was involved with the inventors of this adhesive, finding adhesive applications. (rubber horseshoes was a great idea that failed miserably from moisture)

This material was not developed to be an adhesive. But it was discovered (accidentally) that it would make a near instant bond to many materials and eventually this was the eventual success of this chemical. Depending on the material bonded, and the ambient conditions, the bond will eventually fail- seconds to decades. For example, under the wet warm conditions of your body it completely breaks down and leaves with the pee in just a few days.

Of the environments a glued piece of wood may encounter, humid is the variable to be most concerned with. There is a chemical reaction between the cured adhesive and water molecules that breaks the adhesive down.

Bottom line. Selling at the craft fair for a few bucks. No problem. Heirloom for grandchildren. Pick another adhesive.

The picture is from the TV show What's my Line where the inventor demonstrated lifting a car with just a few square inches of adhesive between two metal disks.

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