Re: I recently decided to use up some........

David Walser
Jamie -- We're just talking about the joint between the glue block and the project blank, right? If so, I've had good success with using medium CA -- with and without accelerator. I've NOT used the flexible CA. I would think that it would address the brittleness of regular CA, but I've not tested it.

I find the brittle nature of CA glue is an advantage in the glue block context; it makes it easier to remove the blank for the glue block. Just place a traditional metal putty knife at the join and rap it sharply with a mallet. Typically, the glue block comes off very cleanly. Yet, I've never had such a joint fail while turning.

Having said that, I've just about quit using CA glue for such purposes. I prefer using hot-melt glue. It's just as quick and I don't have to worry that my face shield will be splattered with uncured CA glue. Besides, glue sticks cost less.

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