When it's hot, it's hot!

David Walser
As I've mentioned here a few times, I live in Mesa, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. Yesterday, to check the efficiency of the mini-split I recently installed in my shop, I looked at the outside temperature on a weather app on my phone. It was 115 degrees on its way to a predicted high of 117. It frequently gets that hot in late July, so that's NOT why I'm sharing this information with you. What caught my eye was the next piece of information provided by the weather app: "Feels like 109."

So, yes, it's a dry heat. But, once it gets above 110, it's just hot -- dry or not.

The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce wishes that I share the following with you:

At 95 degrees, we say, "It's starting to get warm."
At 100 degrees, we say, "It's warm."
At 105 degrees, we say, "It's starting to get hot."
At 110 degrees, we say, "It's hot."
At 115 degrees, we say, "It's starting to get uncomfortable."
At 120 degrees, we say, "Screw this! I'm going to San Diego."

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