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All salt is sea salt... Deposits left over from sea flooding Pangaea... As noted, salt mines are used for storage. LNG, LPG, Methane as well as nuclear waste. No moisture, nuclear casks don't rust. Nuclear testing, meteorites and volcanoes have left their mark on the seas, oceans and land...
In Louisiana, they drilled down 800 feet into a salt mine. The lake and trees and dirt all were sucked down. The river changed direction. Saw that on the weather channel.
Ponds used to dehydrate sea water are different as is desalination plants.
Interesting fact, salt water fish, are not salty on the inside... Salting was done before refrigeration. No moisture, no bacteria... Salt was so valuable, as a currency as well.

Sorry for the length, hope you find it interesting...

(Yak pee for pink salt... Is that like don't eat the yellow snow...)

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