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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Kosher salt is a waste

Didn't you ever watch "Good Eats". :) The value of this salt morphology is its ability to be retrieved from the salt cellar with thumb and forefinger to be added to what ever needs salting during preparation. Where do you think the phrase "pinch of salt" came from? And it dissolves more quickly.

Just up the road from me is Saltville VA. It has been producing salt for human consumption since prehistoric times. It still is. A hole is bored into the salt formation, hot water gets pumped down the hole and brine is retrieved up a second pipe. When the hole gets too big risking collapse it is rented to the gas company for methane storage and they move on to another hole.

The salt here is special in that it is so pure that a second crystallization is unnecessary to remove impurities such as calcium sulfate, and magnesium compounds.

I heard the plant manager answer a question about the benefits of sea salt. He stated that other than the pink algae that thrives in it, it was biologically safe because not much else would grow in it. But, he said he was put off by the dead sea gulls floating in the brine ponds at the facility he visited. Recall, it is advertised as not refined, but I am sure they filter off the sea gulls.

People should not eat enough of it that it will be a useful sources of anything but NaCL. But marketing is effective when the science is unknown.

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