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I work for a large multinational corporation that has a number of different businesses one of them is mining and refining salt. I visited one of these facilities and saw a small secured building where they produced Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt (Fine). I was curious as to how this salt was produced and asked the facility manager I was with the question. He was at first hesitant to explain the process but realized I would be persistent with my inquiries. He stated they employed a number of virgins that would rub the Himalayan salt across their thighs until the salt crystals were ground fine which turned the salt pink. Needless to say I told him he was full of it and asked if I could see the process. Smiling he took me over to the building and using his security card to swipe the door security access sensor we entered into the building. He took me to a room that had a long stainless steel bench with a stainless steel grating directly below the bench, he stated the virgins sit on the bench and the ground salt passes through the grating into a collection vessel below. Still in disbelief I asked the facility manager where the workers were and he stated they were working on the Kosher production batch line and would be returning shortly. Several minutes later I heard the door open to the building and foot steps coming towards the room we were in. Six crusty old rabbis entered into the room and sat at the bench pulling up their robes exposing their beet red legs. Oy Vey! :-)

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