Anchorseal, etc.
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John K Jordan
>>>Pieces got several applications of Anchorseal.

Nice pieces. My favorite is the one in the first picture.

BTW, when I put a second coat of Anchorseal on wood it never covers like the first coat. The dried wax on the first coat causes the second to not cover completely, probably since it's a water-based emulsion. This is the original Anchorseal formula, not version 2.

Are you applying the additional coats before the first one is completely dry?

What I found works nicely is to thicken the Anchorseal before use. I typically pour some in a plastic coffee can for application with a cheap brush. I leave the lid off the can for a while, perhaps a day or two and perhaps stirring a bit. Some of the water evaporates and the stuff gets thicker and leaves a thicker coat.

As for cracks in the juvenile wood around the pith, boiling the wood as per Stephen Russell may help, depending on the species.


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