Threading *PIC*

John K Jordan
>>>So John, what did you use to thread for your B&W Ebony box


To answer your question, although I have thread chasers (from Mark StLeger) and have practiced with them, I've done all my threaded boxes with the Baxter threading jig from Best Wood Tools. It's not cheap but it's excellent, in the opinion of myself and others who have used other jigs, it may be the best one available.

The little box I showed in the other picture was my first attempt with the Baxter jig. That was one of three I did from B&W ebony with the jig. (The third one has the threaded parts reversed: male threads on the lid and female on the box.)

BTW, no finish on these - just fine sandpaper/steel wool or buffed.

If you go with the honorable tradition of chasing threads there are a lot of youtube videos with instruction. The best advice I've heard is practice at first with PVC pipe to get the feel for the motions.

The wood choice is important with chasing - hard, fine-grained woods are the best. Coarser grained woods and softer woods are difficult or impossible to thread cleanly. I like the ebony, cocobolo, dogwood, persimmon, and other hard woods.


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