Re: Threaded boxes anyone?

Michael Mocho
I have learned to thread hard maple, walnut, cherry, and many other woods using the thread chasers sold by Mark St.. Leger (ground with a negative rake to make them less aggressive ), and using a simple lubricant that is a mix of Dawn dishwashing liquid and about 10% single malt scotch* to help it absorb into the wood a bit better. Turn or drill the recess to the desired diameter, let the mixture soak in for about 2 minutes, slow the RPM down to about 350 to 400, and strike the thread without using the first tooth on the left. Re apply the mixture if needed.
Same basic process for the male thread. One of the most critical elements is the tool rest height- the cutting edge of the negative rake chaser needs to be a tiny bit above center, with the grooves of the chaser bearing against the cut thread so they don't rip out the grain. Takes practice, and the tighter the annual rings, the better.

*The scotch should be at least 12 years old.

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