Re: Threaded boxes anyone?

You can also easily build a threading jig that mounts to your lathe ways. The thread cutter and collet holder are readily available from several suppliers which mounts in the spindle. There are several YouTube videos that show dedicated threading jigs that are easy builds for the average person, a 1-inch x 8-pitch threaded rod and nut is a popular size as it readily adapts to one of the most common chuck threads out there. A dedicated jig speeds the process where you turn the work piece on the lathe move the work piece mounted in the adjustable chuck over to the dedicated thread cutting jig and cut the threads and you are done. If you are turning a number of lidded boxes with screw lids this eliminates setting the jig up each time to cut threads. The Baxter threader is one of the quickest setups with precision settings for the depth of cut and re-alignment when making second cuts for a precise fit of the mating threads. Once you have the Baxter set-up for your lathe it is quick to remount to the ways and start working on a new project with very little setup.

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