Threaded boxes anyone? *PIC*

Raymond in Trenton NJ
Hi everyone,

This is actually in reply to JKJ's question asking if I tried threading from another post. I can see this (hopefully) generating a bunch of info and would be more appropriate with it's own thread.

No, I've haven’t done a threaded box. (I believe it's listed on page 7 in Vol 2 of my 'want to do' tome) There’s a few ways of threading and I’ve not read up on them and their differences. It looks easy enough from the videos, but Batty, Raffan, Key and such make everything look doable. If not downright easy.

I have a couple of old chasers, unhandled and in good shape. Picked them up at an old tools tailgate event. Did I mention I also like old tools ;-) Haven't tried them out yet.

So John, what did you use to thread for your B&W Ebony box:

What does anyone else use for threading? Any comments and opinions? I’m interested in learning about this.

Thanks all. Be safe.

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