Re: 2 Morse Taper Collets

Mike Stafford
John, I remember learning that trick about turning the end of a piece of wood to fit the Morse taper from you. I used it all the time when I turned wands and finials. It truly works like a charm. It took me a while to get my eye right to cut the taper so it would fit correctly but the more I cut the better I got at the job.

I sure wish my hands would let me do that kind of work these days but it ain't gonna happen. I had an order for a bunch of needlepoint laying tools and couldn't do it myself. The Morse taper mounting method would have been perfect for that job.

I also learned about Morse taper bits from you and bought a few commonly used sizes. They work great as well and bore a more concentric hole of the correct size than a chuck mounted drill bit.

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