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David Walser
Gary -- I have both types of collet chucks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The downsides to this type collet chuck are the need for a drawbar and the limitation on size. (A number 2 Morse Taper collet cannot be much larger than 1/2". The collets used in the Beal-style chuck can be larger than that.)

What are the advantages of a Morse Taper collet? There are two that I can think of offhand: First, these style collets let you get very close to your headstock. I know that kind of collet chuck that screws onto spindle seem small compared to a 4-jaw chuck, but they're huge compared to Morse Taper collets. Sometimes, I really like the additional access for turning small, delicate items.

Second, I can use the collets in my tailstock. I cannot use my Beal-style collets in the tailstock. I cannot use the Beal-style collets for drilling.

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