2 Morse Taper Collets *LINK*

David Walser
For ten years or more, I've had and used a set of Morse Taper collets from LittleMachineShop.com. I got them when they were the special of the week. They are now, again, the special of the week. You can pick up a set of seven collets, from 1/8" to 1/2", in 1/16" increments, for $71.95.

I find the collets very useful and consider them a very nice addition to my arsenal. I got them to hold finials for Christmas ornaments. However, I've found many more uses for them. My most common use is when drilling at the lathe. All my Forstner bits have a 3/8" shaft. Holding the bits in a collet provides more accuracy than using a Jacobs chuck.

I don't know that any of us needs a full set of Morse Taper collets. If I were more careful when sizing my tenons, I might be able to get by with only three or four sizes. But, to hold well, the tenon needs to be a 'close fit' for the collet's size. (There's a reason they come in 1/16" increments.) You might be able to save a few dollars by only buying three. But, if you want the whole set, I think these are 'good enough' quality at a fair price.

All the standard disclaimers apply: I have no financial interest in LittleMachineShop.com and the maker of the collets, nor do I stand to make any money if anyone buys the collets. No electrons were harmed in making this message. Etc.

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