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John K Jordan
I turn a lot of Eastern Red Cedar and the finish I use "depends" - on what I'm going to do with the piece and what I want it to look like.

One of my favorites is straight beeswax, rubbed into the surface or melted in with gentle heat from a heat gun - the two methods give entirely different looks. I have also uses "danish" oil, shellac-based friction polish, and spray lacquer.

Some examples:

Beeswax, melted with heat gun:

Same way, melted:

Beeswax, applied with cloth while lathe is spinning (my first real bowl, long time ago):

Beeswax, rubbed in by hand:

Spray lacquer, 6 coats, lightly buffed with 0000 steel wool between some coats:

Watco "danish" oil, about 10 coats, some wet sanding with 600 grit:

Cedar, "danish" oil, ebony, no finish.

Beeswax, hand rubbed (multi-axis wands):

Mylands friction polish on longest cedar wand (in center)


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