Re: The CBN wheels I like

I got my CBN wheels yesterday from Ken Rizza. I got an 80 and 600. I got the spherical washer sets with them. I refigured and installed my Vari-grind to the midpoint of the wheels. I installed the wheels on the grinder. I turned it on and it just ran fine. No vibration, other than what I'd expect from a running motor. I think I could have stood up a nickel on it's edge on top of the grinder.
I think it's fine. I don't know how you determine "unacceptable" runout on a grinder.
I remeasured the shaft several times before the wheels came. I used oil on the shaft to allow the dial indicator foot to glide over the surface. The detected runout was maybe 2-3 needle widths. My needle on my dial indicator twists 90 degrees so you see the edge (not the face) of the needle. Once I zero the indicator, the next tic mark is .001". My needle moved less than .00025". Maybe even closer to .0001".
Bottom line, my grinder is not dancing around. I get a great edge. Not knowing what the tolerances were before my mishap, I think it's okay.
Thank you all for your assistance, especially you John K. Jordan.

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