slow and reco

GaryG in MD
Since WC hardly has any new posts any more, I'm going to just jump in and throw something into the pot.

I am retired and/but have a daily routine. Don't we all?

One of the highlights of my day, every day, is looking at my Instagram page where I "follow" the daily posts of John Jordan. Sorry JKJ, the other one, but why don't you join in too? I'm sure we would love to see your "stuff".

Instagram is cool, even though it's owned by the dreaded and dreadful Facebook guru who will remain unnamed because I can't tolerate him. You don't have to give ANY personal information to get on IG. All you have to do is look at the pretty pictures from makers you choose to like and "follow". I recommend that you give it a try.

And the first maker you should follow is our good friend JJ, who is putting photos of his gorgeous works up every day. Today's was a black on black that makes me drool.

Just do it.

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slow and reco
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