Comment and Tumbler...

Barry Irby
I suspect the quality of the plywood among other things including technique. Something I watched recently, maybe not this, used 1/8" plywood form HD. I have used some of it and it is not the same quality as Baltic Birch. The wood was not the same, the species was not the same and the quality of the end product was not the same. Not blaming HD, they do not claim it is the same. Just be careful making substitutions.

The tumbler.... my BFF's Father made tool handles from the end of WWII until his death. He made a tumble that was about four feet in diameter and four feet long. Basically a huge barrel. He would make and sand ax handles and put them in the tumbler with what looked like rock of carnuba wax the size of footballs and tumble them to polish and wax them. Somehow them bumping into each other compacted the surface and they were beautiful after a day or two.

He also had the idea of scorching the surface of some of them to cover discoloration in the wood. People wouldn't buy discolored handles because they thought it affected the strength. He called it "Flame Seasoning". They went from worst to first.

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