Re: Highly recommended video

David Walser
John -- In the comments to the video he explained why he had turned the speed up. In the prior orientation, the lathe had vibrated at a lower speed and the vibration went away when he upped the speed. While the sound made it seem like it was going way too fast (which it obviously was), the pulley he was using has a max speed of 2,000 rpm, and he was going about 85% of that when it all went wrong. As soon as things started going wrong, he turned the speed down. It was too late.

As for the style of the video, I liked it. He emphasized the tedium involved in producing such a piece. Perhaps I liked it because I'm in the middle of tax season (the biggest tax deadline of the tax year is 9/15, followed by 10/15). Having spent a full-day reviewing very complex tax returns, I took a mental health break and watched a view videos. Somehow I preferred the tedium he went through in making the vase to the tedium of reviewing tax returns. (I know, it's hard to believe.)

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