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David Walser
Jamie -- I think the end results are worth the time and effort! Wow! If you're going for a high-gloss finish, I don't think you can improve on this.

At the Phoenix AAW Symposium, one of the demonstrations was on CA finishes. The demonstrator (sorry that I don't remember his name) did 5 coats of thin CA, followed by a mist of accelerator. Since he waited about a minute between each of the coats before applying the next, 5 coats took about 5 minutes to apply. He did the 5 coat process 3 - 4 times, giving him a total of 15 - 20 coats. Then, if all the coats had gone on smoothly, he wet sanded with micro mesh, starting at the lowest grit. If the prior coats had significant ripples or runs, he sanded back with 320 grit and applied another 5 - 10 coats of CA.

If you total up the number of coats and figure that each one takes at least 1 minute to apply, that's at least 15 - 20 minutes of time, not counting wet sanding with micro mesh. That's a lot more time than a spray lacquer finish! However, the reason I like using a CA finish is that I can get it done in one day. It would two or three days to apply a lacquer finish if you let the finish cure between coats. Besides, a CA finish is more durable.

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